Diamond Creek Force is the highest level that players at the association can play in at their age group.  Playing for Force means that you must have commitment and dedication as it is expected that you will attend training weekly and games or tournaments when required.

Force teams play at the State Netball Hockey Centre in the Autumn season (Feb-July) and the Spring season (Aug-Dec) of the Parkville Netball Competition and is the premier competition,  attracting many 'representative' teams from around Melbourne and Geelong. 

17, 15, 13, 11 &
 Under and take part in approximately 8 tournaments (17's only play in 2-3) spread through the year.  These tournaments are mainly metropolitan, but Force teams also travel to 1 or 2 country tournaments during the year.

Selections for all Force teams take part around late October, early November and all players wishing to take part in the tryouts, must submit an application form.

In order to be eligible to tryout for FORCE, players in all age groups except Open
, must play an Association domestic competition in their appropriate age group.  ANY PERSON WISHING TO TRY OUT MUST BE FULLY FINANCIAL PRIOR TO THE FIRST TRYOUT DATE OR WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TRIAL.

All players are encouraged to tryout and those successful players will face an intense training regime and playing schedule. You must be prepared for this commitment and junior players must have the support of parents as there is significant time and cost involved. There are a number of payment options available to players/parents.  

For further enquiries please use the Contact Page